The mainland crust or continental crust.

The mainland or continental crust is the layer of molten, sedimentary, and changeable rocks that structures the landmasses and the regions of shallow seabed near their shores, known as mainland racks. This layer is in some cases called sial since its mass piece is more felsic contrasted with the maritime outside layer, called sima which has a more mafic mass sythesis. Changes in seismic wave speeds have demonstrated that at a specific profundity (the Conrad intermittence), there is a sensibly sharp difference between the more felsic upper mainland outside layer and the lower mainland covering, which is more mafic in character.

It comprises of different layers, with a mass piece that is transitional to felsic. It's normal thickness is around 2.7 g/cm3, less thick than the ultramafic material that makes up the mantle, which has a thickness of around 3.3 g/cm3. Mainland hull is additionally less thick than maritime covering, whose thickness is around 2.9 g/cm3. At 25 to 70 km, mainland outside layer is significantly thicker than maritime covering, which has a normal thickness of around 7– 10 km. Around 40% of Earth's surface is as of now involved by mainland outside layer. It makes up around 70% of the volume of Earth's outside.

Since the surface of mainland covering fundamentally lies above ocean level, its reality permitted arrive life to advance from marine life. Its reality likewise gives wide fields of shallow water known as epeiric oceans and mainland racks where complex metazoan life could end up built up amid early Paleozoic time, in what is currently called the Cambrian blast.

All mainland hull at last gets from the partial separation of maritime outside finished numerous milions of years. This procedure has been, and proceeds with today, essentially because of the volcanism related with subduction.

There is little confirmation of continental crust preceding 3.5 Ga. Around 20% of the mainland outside layer's present volume was framed by 3.0 Ga. There was moderately quick improvement on shield territories comprising of mainland hull in the vicinity of 3.0 and 2.5 Ga.During this time interim, around 60% of the mainland outside layer's present volume was shaped. The staying 20% has shaped amid the last 2.5 Ga.

As opposed to the perseverance of mainland outside layer, the size, shape, and number of landmasses are continually changing through geologic time. Diverse tracts break separated, impact and recoalesce as a component of a terrific supercontinent cycle. There are presently around 7 billion cubic kilometers of mainland outside layer, yet this amount shifts in light of the idea of the powers included. The relative lastingness of mainland covering stands out from the short existence of maritime hull. Since mainland outside layer is less thick than maritime hull, when dynamic edges of the two meet in subduction zones, the maritime covering is commonly subducted again into the mantle. Mainland hull is once in a while subducted (this may happen where mainland crustal pieces impact and overthicken, causing profound liquefying under mountain belts, for example, the Himalayas or the Alps). Therefore the most established shakes on Earth are inside the cratons or centers of the landmasses, instead of in over and over reused maritime covering; the most established in place crustal piece is the Acasta Gneiss at 4.01 Ga, while the most established maritime outside (situated on the Pacific Plate seaward of Kamchatka) is from the Jurassic (~180 Ma). Mainland covering and the stone layers that lie on and inside it are subsequently the best document of Earth's history.

The tallness of mountain ranges is normally identified with the thickness of covering. This outcomes from the isostasy related with orogeny (mountain development). The covering is thickened by the compressive powers identified with subduction or mainland impact. The lightness of the outside layer constrains it upwards, the powers of the collisional push adjusted by gravity and disintegration. This structures a bottom or mountain root underneath the mountain extend, which is the place the thickest hull is found. The most slender mainland outside layer is found in fracture zones, where the covering is diminished by separation blaming and in the long run disjoined, supplanted by maritime hull. The edges of mainland parts framed along these lines (the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean, for instance) are named aloof edges.

The high temperatures and weights at profundity, regularly joined with a long history of complex contortion, cause a great part of the lower mainland outside layer to be changeable - the fundamental special case to this being late molten interruptions. Volcanic shake may likewise be "underplated" to the underside of the covering, i.e. adding to the covering by framing a layer quickly underneath it.

Mainland outside is delivered and (far less frequently) obliterated for the most part by plate structural procedures, particularly at concurrent plate limits. Also, mainland crustal material is exchanged to maritime outside by sedimentation. New material can be added to the landmasses by the incomplete dissolving of maritime hull at subduction zones, making the lighter material ascent as magma, shaping volcanoes. Additionally, material can be accumulated on a level plane when volcanic island bends, seamounts or comparable structures crash into the side of the landmass because of plate structural developments. Mainland covering is likewise lost through disintegration and residue subduction, structural disintegration of forearcs, delamination, and profound subduction of mainland outside layer in impact zones. Numerous speculations of crustal development are questionable, including rates of crustal development and reusing, regardless of whether the lower outside layer is reused uniquely in contrast to the high class, and over the amount of Earth history plate tectonics has worked thus could be the overwhelming method of mainland hull arrangement and demolition.

It involves discuss whether the measure of mainland outside layer has been expanding, diminishing, or staying consistent over geographical time. One model demonstrates that at preceding 3.7 Ga back mainland outside constituted under 10% of the present sum. By 3.0 Ga prior the sum was around 25%, and following a time of fast crustal advancement it was around 60% of the present sum by 2.6 Ga back. The development of mainland hull seems to have happened in spurts of expanded movement comparing to five scenes of expanded generation through geologic time.

Shri Kashi vishwanath temple, Varanasi

By:Vishnu guptaDate:2018-03-10
Kashi Vishvanath Temple is a standout amongst the most acclaimed Hindu sanctuaries devoted to Lord Shiva. It is situated in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. The sanctuary remains on the western bank of the blessed waterway Ganga, and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, the most sacred of Shiva sanctuaries. The fundamental divinity is known by the name Vishvanatha or Vishveshvara meaning Ruler of The Universe. Varanasi city is additionally called Kashi, and subsequently the sanctuary is prevalently called Kashi Vishvanath Temple.

The sanctuary has been alluded to in Hindu sacred writings for quite a while as a focal piece of love in the Shaiva reasoning. It has been decimated and re-built various circumstances ever. The last structure was pulverized by Aurangzeb, the 6th Mughal head who built the Gyanvapi Mosque on its site. The present structure was based on an adjoining site by the Maratha ruler, Ahilya Bai Holkar of Indore in 1780.

Since 1983, the sanctuary has been overseen by the administration of Uttar Pradesh. Amid the religious event of Shivratri, Kashi Naresh (King of Kashi) is the head directing minister.

The casing of the vast reality, as per old Hindu idea, comprises of the three crucial states called development (Shrishthi), presence (sthiti), and involution (samhara) that demonstrations in a cyclic procedure of unendingness. Every last one of the structures is controlled by a God, named Brahma (the maker), Vishnu (the preserver) and Siva/Shiva (the destroyer); these three Gods are known as the Trinity. Shiva, being the last to finish the cycle from where the new cycle begins, is known as Mahadeo, the Supreme Divinity. The iconographic type of the Shiva, the Linga speaks to the solidarity of the three conditions of universe (appeared in above figure).The Linga comprises of the three sections. The first is a square base of three-layers at the base demonstrating the three legendary domains (lokas), symbolizing advancement the place of Brahma. The second is an octagonal round shape in the center demonstrating the eight headings, symbolizing presence or persistence the place of Vishnu; and third is a barrel at the best with a circular end, symbolizing involution or finishing of the infinite cycle the place of Shiva. This symbol demonstrates the incomparable condition of uprightness, a definitive type of Shiva linga itself is an image of astronomical mandala. As Sadasiva (interminable reality) Shiva is spoken to as linga, standing additionally for 'add up to learning'. As Rudra, the destroyer, his associate is Kali. As Bhairava, the shocking destroyer, his partner is Durga. As a convivial god living in the Himalaya his better half is Parvati. As owner of all types of heavenly power Shiva rooms at the base of everything that is moving, that is the way he is called Ishvara, gotten from I-cara, i.e. I the inside, and cara, the beat of development. Shiva is likewise delineated as grandiose artist, Tandava Nartakari, the person who keeps up the mood of the world in universe.

** Special Note:

Most importantly data with respect to Shivlinga and it's portrayal has been taken from "The Linga Puran" and the book "Banaras Region: A profound and Cultural Guide. Indica Books, Varanasi. Piligrimage and Cosmology Series: 1 composed by "Prof. Rana P. B. Singh and Dr. Pravin S. Rana

Reason behind brain drain and unemployment of India.

India has a very serious issue of brain drain and lack of proper employment. Specially in rural areas. The actual reason is not the lack of resources but that of skill, will power and market. The unemployment generated due to this leads to brain drain and causes migration. First this migration is done by labour class and then by peasants and small land holders. In this way a habit of migrating to big cities starts occuring.
These people also don't get proper employment even in the big cities due to lack of skill and end up increasing either poverty or crime or both in these cities. Due to this they sow up seed of hatred in hearts of people already living in these cities that those who come from villages are actually evil.
The problem is actually related more to the problems of social status and respect and due to this plenty of resources available in these rural region is actually getting wasted.
The actual reason behind this migration is not that these people are not getting facilities like food and shelter. They are migrating because they are not getting respect by rich class of their village or those returning home during vacations from cities. If we do an estimate, they can much easily afford food and shelter in village then in a big cities but still this migration happens.
And the issue of self esteem should be more related to proper ethics and education but somehow it gets linked to personality.
It is difficult to understand that when people have food and shelter then why they don't create the value for which they are migrating to metro cities. Due to few little hurdles they want to take an easy route and end up creating nothing.
As i have already mentioned that the people in villages actually lack skill, willpower and market in order to create the value. But above these factors one more very important factor which they are lacking is the vision and courage. Ofcourse skill, willpower or market doesn't comes for free, they either need to be repayed or to be built right from the scrap and for this extremly focused and perfect vision and courage is required. Often people look to political leadership for such things but the problem is that in a democracy ruled by parties even the leadership becomes under control of big markets of cities.
But vision and courage is something which is always there inside everyone naturally. It is not something which is learned or purchased. So the question arises why people still don't use it. The actual reason is fear. But again if they have food and shelter already then they are afraid of what? This is a cognitive paradox, they are actually afraid that whatever vision they have they will loose it once they get into this darkness. This darkness ofcourse has the value but it may make them blind as well. This is a very serious misunderstanding.
The darkness i am referring here is the lack of facility and support, people are actually afraid that they will not get enough cognitive facility and support. But then they will also not get enough physical facility and support for free in big cities. They are atleast getting food and shelter in small cities and villages for low cost. Also in the age of internet they may get some cognitive facility and support also.
But still they lack courage to face the nihilism or darkness and it is my personal experience that working in such a nihilistic ecosystem without cognitive support of any form is really very tough. It is just like writing a book in some strange island. A situation which hindu sages of ancient time or lord buddha encountered during their attempt to achieve enlightenment.
Other than leadership people also look to banks for this cognitive support, but bank may provide them with the market for the cost of interest they receive, but calling it a cognitive support would not be fare. The reason is because debt don't help people to achieve vision or courage, it just either make them grocers or give them stress. But ofcourse it may create market and this is also a great help but many times if the practice of giving loans breaches threshold it just end up making a large pile of NPA loans. This forces the people in rural areas to migrate even more towards cities in order to protect their property against which they took credit.
This problem can only be solved by providing more security to individual so that they may be encouraged to take the risk. Legal and social security may help build a conscience among people and give them courage to atleast get involved in some kind of projects. Dedicated and honest social groups can play a positive role in this. They need to be taught the real meaning of success and services. A lot of volunteer work will be required for this and even if they fail after these all efforts they should be provided with a right mindset to look at the events alongwith true and ethical definition of success and failure. Instead of centralised values they must be taught value of decentralisation, value of democracy and internet.

Reason for failure.

It is my personal opinion about failure that a person tends to do a work which he can not do better. Suppose a person who is exceptionally good in mathematics will be very passionate about acting. The mathematical problem that will take hours for any average skilled person may be solved by him in minutes but since he is more interested in what he cannot do better he will avoid the problem.
The reason could be that may be at some point of time in past he might have been given a challenge to act and he might not have been able to do it. This somewhere must have affected his self esteem part of maslow heirarchical need and through out his life he may struggle to become an artist. He will read tons of stories, poems, great authors of all field, cinema magzine, psychology books. He will follow many great actors, directors, read thousands of screen play, synopsis. But even then he will never be able to become even a stage actor in some college fest.
We all fell into such situations we don't do what we can we often do what we can not because that work has challenged us and in thrist of achieving self esteem we even fail to fulfill our basic need.
Often this hunger for self esteem make us follower and dependent. As we cannot do that work and follow people who can. We make them our role model and things get worse when we are obsessed.

How to determine Advertisement budget for your business

To determine the ad budget we must first of all find out the frequency of buying for the product, this means we should estimate after how many days the product is re purchased by the buyer. After this find out the market size of the product in terms of number of consumers. Then find out the reach of advertisement media and the profit margin on the product.

Suppose, reach of advertising media=200000 people.
Frequency of product purchase= 150 days/ year/user
Market size of product>1000000 people
This means we may expect 100000 potential viewers of ad on any day as people buy product every 2 nd day approximately, we are simply saying people will buy if they need and see it.
If the profit margin is 10 rs, then ad budget should be less than 1000000 Rs/ day for a media with reach of 200000 people.
This should also be multiplied with market share of brand, suppose market share of brand is 40% then this will become 400000 Rs/ day.

Now you may also add questions on Squareroot.

From 1 January 2016, all squareroot users now have good news. They may now also add questions on squareroot portal. To know how to do it just log in to your squareroot account and visit "Add Question" section.
In this blog we will like to share some FAQ'about this new feature.
First of all please note that the questions that you will add won't appear in front of you(as expected obviously). It is just like a voluntary task and may help you to better understand the type of question that are asked on squareroot. By adding these questions you will help squareroot and its users. Please note that all the questions that are added are moderated by the admin before they go live. This is done for two reason, first of all to ensure that the question that is asked is relevant and the options that it carries have one and only one correct option.
Secondly we make sure that the question must be challenging. For example we generally don't allow questions that can be easily searched on the internet, or involve some popular terms. Putting such questions on squareroot will be total waste.
Let us understand this by an example. Consider these two Questions.
1.Who is the prime minister on India.
2.Who is the winner of Wimbledon grand slam 2012.
Above two question will generally be rejected, the reason is that both of them can be searched very easily on Internet. Now consider this example.
Which of these people are Russian
A. Franz Kafka
B. Alfred Nobel
C. Fyodor Dostoevsky
D. Gunter Grass
Such questions may be allowed on squareroot. Because it doesn't gives the full information about the question. The complete knowledge of the question is possible only after a user buys it.
We encourage you to add more and more questions and be ensured that their is no penalty if your question is rejected. But try you best to put a question that may be allowed. From time to time we will announce prizes and rewards to top users with most number of Active questions.

How does squareroot quiz site makes money

As mentioned in terms and condition, it is quite clear that square root quiz site revenue mostly comes from targeted advertisement. Many people have put their doubt on us that whether online advertisement really be so much worthy, as to make people earn?
The answer to this question is that the user don't earn due to advertisement, they earn through competitiveness of this quiz. When a user earns margin on some question he also has a chance to loose on some other. The focused attention and his awareness earns money for him. Finally we would like to convince that we are still based on estimate and till now we have not failed.
We cannot give details like how much do we make through ads, just as no other business would answer that question we also cannot. But we are pretty much sure through our estimates that we would never fail.
The philosophy behind this quiz was to mine out value from the subconscious awareness of people. We felt that this part of human cognition has some value and which could do a lot of help in fields of advertisement. This Idea motivated to build this website.
We will definitely let our users know about our working detail whenever we feel its urgency. Till then just keep answering earning.

2015 Right Livelihood Award.

Sheila Watt-Cloutier from Canada won the 2015 Right Livelihood Award. She is an inuit and arctic activist. She had worked to defend rights of intuit to maintain their livelihoods and culture which is endangered by climate change.
She will share prize with Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera and Italian doctor Gino Strada. Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera is an Ugandan social activist who fought for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and inter sexual (LGBTI) communities. Whereas Gino Strada is the Founder of the medical charity Emergency which helps to rehabilitate war victims.
Right livelihood award was established in 1980 by Swedish German philatelist Jakob Von. It honors people who have worked in field of environment and international development.

What is cholesterol. How it affects your body.

Cholesterol is one of the main sterols of the human body. Sterols are natural fats that are produced in the body by the body itself or by the external means, such as food.
Liver is considered as the main producer of cholesterol in human body. But some other body parts like intestine, adrenal cortex, or reproductive glands are also agents that produce cholesterol.
Normally diet intake is one of the major reasons for high level of cholesterol in human body, but since cholesterol is also produced by body itself so it is possible that genetic metabolic disorder may also lead to high level of cholesterol.
Just because nothing in human body is without reason similarly cholesterol is also needed by human body. They form cell membrane, bile acids and steroid harmones, but excess level of cholesterol, specifically in blood, forms plaque, that may thicken the walls of the arteries. This causes atheroclerosis, a conditions in which the arteries that carry blood and oxygen to the brain and other part of bodies become narrower and blocked. The arteries become much narrow and hard and makes the blood flow very difficult. It may lead to stroke or heart attack.

Tests for high cholesterol:
Cholesterol level is usually tested through performing a specific type of blood test known as lipid test or lipid panel. It is normally recommended that the person should not drink any thing apart from water for 9 hours before the test.
Lipid panel yields 4 numbers, namely, Total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglyceride. Here LDL and HDL stands for low density lipoprotein and high density lipoprotein. Lipoprotein, as the name suggests are the proteins that are responsible to make cholesterol soluble and break it into vitamin k. LDL are known to be negative and hence minimizing it is considered good. Whereas HDL is considered to be good and it should be elevated. Triglyceride is the total amount of fat precent in human body.
A normal HDL level would be 40 and 49 mg per dl for men and 50 to 60 mg/dl for women. Any score below 40 mg/dl for men and 50 mg per dl for women would be a threat. Remember, hdl scores should be high for better conditions. If it is above 60 mg per dl then it gives you better defense towards heart diseases.
Similarly LDL(low density lipoprotein level), which is also known as bad cholesterol level should be less. LDL level below 100 mg per dl is best, between 100 and 129 mg per dl is average, while if it is above 130 mg/dl then this means that threshold is crossed. LDL level above 190 mg/dl is very risky. Above 190 mg/ dl you will have very high chances of heart attack or brain stroke. LDL level below 70 mg/dl is highly advisable.

Information and chaos- Their role on Internet.

Every blogger or a website owner often search for means to develop such a web space so that it can become a value. Many of them have also done it. Creating a value from your knowledge is not a fictitious dream. It is real but many times it is very confusing and misguiding. So before you find your self in a trap develop a strategy based of truth.
If you want to develop a value first of all you must have vision about the environment, and whether you accept it or not it is a truth that you will have to follow the rules of that environment. Without this you will just keep facing unproductive challenges and nothing else.
On Internet Information is the value, the core part, and you will have to develop things around the definition of information for sure. If most of you think that there can be no precise definition for anything then believe me you are in chaos. Its not that the firm definitions do not exist, its only that you are not able to view it.
Information is an antonym of chaos, anything that lacks chaos or noise has some information, these two terms are the two extreme ends of the rule. Chaos means something that looses its form very soon, and information means something that remains as it is for a long time. This also means that something that remains in its form for a long time is information. Or any content that is telling the fact the way it is, is information. So i think now you can clearly distinguish that why many times news reporting is just a chaos and not an information. Similarly you can also perceive that why Wikipedia articles are a source of information. Because it tries its best to keep the facts in the form they are, least the bias less the chaos. So if you are doing an Internet business you must have this clear definition in mind. Again with an example we can say that Facebook is also full of chaos, because content on Facebook are biased many times. This is the reason why google prefers Wikipedia more and Facebook less, and this is the reason why Facebook is branded as a competitor to Google.
Understanding this definition is very necessary for developing some value on internet. Due to the depth and stability of information products it attracts long term investments from businesses.

Welcome to new Google logo

So Google is doing some very serious changes. This is not any new version of android, neither some latest panda and penguin update, but still very significant.
After announcement of future Google ceo Sundar pichai, Google has now changed its logo. The new logo is actually changed font and color shades and everything else is almost same. At first impression you get a feel that may be the colors are jumbled but when you look and compare carefully with the old one its just the fonts and the shades of the colors that are different. The change is very finer to notice but gives an impression of full overhaul of the logo. Let us see what value does this change in look brings to the company.

Quizzes can be a good medium to generate value

There has always a good debate on the meaning of the term value. The central reason behind so much of brain struggle behind this topic is that defining value exactly has never been easy but always been of a great importance to humanity. Value works everywhere, let it be business, science, technology, anything.
It could be said that value is sometimes a stray synonym to addition, the surplus part. What ever you can add to anything is a value. Indeed this addition is the profit, the extra piece.
So can quizzes be valuable? Of course, why not. A perfect business model can add value to any other gaming model, mathematical, or real model. This is the philosophy on which square root quiz is actually based.
The central idea here is to add value with the aid of people. When you answer a questions on square root You actually add a value to its price and make it more valuable. And this extra value is generated by your mind, by something that you know.
This value addition is not only for the case of prices of the questions rather it is more significantly on the margins of the questions. It is so because margin is the actual thing that any user actually earn and this also keeps changing value. Every right answer increases the price and decreases the margin. Every wrong answer decreases the price and increases the margin. This is a perfect balance which any publicly available quiz should possess. In fact this the competitive factor that must be vested in a real business model.
Above all any business model that keeps adding up value and redistributing it based on competition, is perfect.

Generate more traffic to your website

If you are reading this blog, you probably might be interested in online business. I said so because this topic is so niche that only people who have concerns regarding it will arrive at this blog. It is not a general topic which any person not related to web business would be interested a lot.
Above statement clearly means that website traffic is a professional affair. This means it must be competitive as any other business use to be, so one thing is clear it is not a one day or a week task.
Usually people who do web related business talk about the term search engine optimization. This term clearly means optimizing your website so that search engines value it more. This optimization is necessary, because more than 80 percent of quality traffic on internet comes from search engine. So when such is the scenario obviously search engine would have a very firm, tested and organic policies to rank websites, and obviously they will never compromise with the quality. So one thing is sure if you are about to start an online business you can not compromise from quality and you can never run away from competition( which is enormous in online world).
So if you are ready to put your hand in this honey comb then here are some suggestions from me.
Have a clear and firm picture of what you are doing:
This is the most important step, never worry about hurdles never think about competition, just keep one thing in mind you are here to do something which you know very well, you are not here because you are unemployed, or because you cannot get job in future. You should also not be here if you think web is an easy medium to make money. Just forget this idea if you think so.

Be ready to market
Like any other business online business also need a very high quality and focused marketing, first focus on creating a quality product and then focus or doing a very quality marketing. In online world you call it digital marketing, and this digital marketing is just as similar as real world marketing. No compromises. Never go for tricks, you may rather go for analogy, what i mean here is compare the real world organic and true methods of marketing and apply those philosophies online as well.

Build links:As far as technical part is considered this is the most crucial one. Never run away from creating links. On internet link theory may never be out of fashion. Not because it is some rocket science. But because it is the only and most efficient way to distribute traffic and manage competitiveness, it might be possible that there is some other theory better than this, but this one has now expanded all over the web and has grown very big, so this bubble may not collapse so easily. And after all when it is a success why it should?
Be informative:This is the most crucial ethical part. On web information is the king. I have heard many bloggers raising slogans the content is the king. But i think its not the content but rather its the information that is king. Try to be original, any content that is well written, is free from grammatical error and is original has information content. Copying or altering few words with synonyms will probably not work at all. Be informative even when you are building link. If you will build links by spamming then those links would be removed by webmasters someday and it will only be a waste of time nothing else.
Final words: So lastly i will just repeat what i said in the first para, and i am doing this just to make you never forget this. Online business is real, it gives you real earning, it makes you survive life. So to grip you feet in this world you should treat it as real and work just the way you work in any real business.

Socialism V/ Communism

We may say that communism is something that socialism becomes at its verge. Many theorist argue that socialism is a transnational phase that arrives when a non communist society coverts to a communist society. Let us understand it by a scene. You live in a society where you admire your personal wealth or your identity more, and if you are getting converted into a person that is more focused on what others are then in between these two phases you will fall in socialism.
This might be somewhat confusing, so we should approach this problem another way. A communist world means a world where the means of production have common ownership, and a socialist world means where means of production have a social ownership. Now here only one thing remains a questions, what is difference between a social and a common ownership? So consider it like this, a social ownership means that the means of production can be used by any member of a group in which people are interrelated with each other in one sense or the other. Similarly when you talk about common ownership this interrelation between people of that group is not really necessary.
More liberally you may say that socialism is a more broadsided implementation of concept of families. Only the difference is that in terms of families often the relation ships are strictly defined but in terms of socialism the relationships a re liberally defined.
Now communism is somewhat different, you may call it like public assets. For example anything that is owned by people does not specifically belongs to a person, even not to a group or a family, a person who is stranger to you may also use it. Reason behind this is that service or object is owned commonly.

How much should you spend on Advertisement

Every startup has this questions creating troubles. Is there any really proven scientific model that could decide your advertisement budget. Here in this article we will discuss a model that is generally used by many businesses to determine their ad budget. This is a theoretical model and must be appropriately adjusted based on your situation.
So we start like this, first of all calculate your minimum and maximum allowable ad budgets. For this, take 10 percent and 12 percent of your projected annual, gross sales and multiply each by the markup made on your average transaction.
Let us understand here what markup is actually, suppose you sell an item for 225 Rs, and its cost is 150 Rs then here your markup would be 50%, You should note down that mark up and margin are different, in the above case your margin would be 33.33%.
Now you should deduct your rent and other fixed expenses from this 10 and 12 percent of projected annual gross sale multiplied by mark up. The figure will represent your lower and upper advertisement budget limit.
Let us understand by a case study, suppose you sell an item that costs you 10 Rs and you sell it for 20, then here your markup would become 100%.
Now suppose you are targeting annual revenue of 2 Million, then 10 and 12 percent of 2 Million would become 200000 Rs and 240000 Rs.
Now multiply this 10% and 12% by your Markup which is here 100 % so it would be equal to 200000 Rs and 240000 Rs.
Now suppose your annual rent expense is 60000 Rs then your lower and upper Ad budget should be 140000 Rs and 180000 Rs.
So if you are expecting a revenue of 2 Million by the sale of a product that has mark up of 100 %, then your ad budget must be some thing between 140000 Rs to 180000 Rs.

Are backlinks really valuable.

You might have heard about backlink on Internet. Backlink is a very popular topic among internet discussion forum and blogger, most of the discussions online are dedicated to discussion of backlinks, seo, reverse links, do follow, no follow etc. Here my discussion point would also be the same, but in a little different direction.
I am not here to tell you methods of building links, neither i would suggest you how to get traffic. I am here trying to discuss that whether backlinks are really relevant to bring traffic. Just think it this way, google initially said that backlinks are a good way to count the popularity of a webpage. But the most important factor here is that they are a good method but only if they follow a principle of relevance. Popularity of a page is irrelevant if their contents are not related. You may say that linked contents must be relevant to each other, or else why would somebody link to it. But take my word, just to get an edge over other businesses many websites have collected backlinks that are really irrelevant to each other, that's a truth.
Main philosophy of google search engine is that if a person has wrote about something and feels that someone else has written something about the same thing that has more value or information that this guy's content then this guy must link to that article. Now just imagine, is that possible? Would you give away your audience to others for free? that is just an impractical thought, no body would do it. And if you give your business to others for money then again google will punish you. So this becomes a vicious circle.
Now again let us discuss about relevance, how can you measure how relevant a topic is to any other article or topic. For example, if somebody had written an article about Monuments in India and linked a document that discusses politics of India, then the robot may think that these two contents are interrelated, but are they really interrelated to each other? The straight answer is no, Whatever logic you give to prove that they are interrelated is just to fool yourself.
So let us understand it very clearly backlinks were having great value in past due to google's popularity but they are not a natural way to mine out some valuable information. They were also artificial just as any other technology. With the advent of web 2.0 since now people may also post links and contents like on Facebook, the link theory is weakening day by day. The simple reason is because it is not just it is not best, This principle don't follows everywhere so it also has a limitation and will fall someday, may be it is already falling.
Some new methods to mine out information from internet may erupt out in future.

How to earn money on internet.

Earning money on Internet is never easy, as per experience is concerned. I have spent a plenty of time to discover various methods to make money online but i am quite sure that this method to generate income may look very lucrative but it is not easy at all.
The biggest reason behind this is enormous amount of competition, you get thousands of new websites each day, making websites is a lot more easier than building a real shop.Many times web site builder companies offer you free service that may build an average website in few minutes.If you look at the internet you will find that around 70% of the web have site developed by website builder tools or cms such as wordpress, joomla, blogspot or traditional discussion forums like phpbb or mybb. People go for it because its easy to get them, companies have made the use of these software free just to become popular. But in my opinion if there is anything free it cannot earn money.
Most of these sites contains nearly similar contents, They just say the same thing in different words, often authors of such website say it doesn't matter if you say the same thing differently, but i think it does. You loose the value when you do so. This is the reason that so much of rat race has emerged out in internet business.
For making any real money you must be original, original with your idea, original with your topic(not just the words). New things earn and olds are scrap, just think what is the reason that market always keeps the things fresh.
You must have a very firm and stable business model that should be able to give value to people, most of the internet bloggers and web authors focus on giving value to search engines. Take my words even search engine hate this. Even google says that you should make your website for your audience and not for google. google's business is other than your's and they will do there job very well, if you are good you will get attention.Else you won't if you just try to please google.
Another hurdle is that ctr is very low on Internet, its something around 0.1 %, anything beyond this is unfair and advertisers wont believe you, so if you want to earn through advertisement revenue just remember that it would never be an easy task. just to do an estimate, around 10000 page views on your website, may, earn a click, that will give you some 5-10 Rs. Now just imagine how tough is that, and an advertiser even may not be benefited from it, because that click may have came at random and is of no value to the person who clicked it.
So my suggestion to earn online is by creating a business environment that can really be beneficial for people. Try to create a brand of your website, your website must deliver something useful. Even if you want to write just writing as a consultant probably wont help. Try to make you website as such that people should visit your site directly, just by typing the url in the address box. Search engine will give you traffic automatically if you have value. Just to quote, "don't run behind engines, they may harm you".

Squareroot quiz

Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar (April 1, 1889 – June 21, 1940) was the founding Sarsanghachalak (Supreme Chief) of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Hedgewar founded the RSS in Nagpur in 1925, with the intention of promoting the concept of a united India deeply rooted in indigenous ideology. He drew upon influences from social and spiritual Indians such as Swami Vivekananda, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and Aurobindo to develop the core philosophy of the RSS .

Diabetes and Constipation

By:Satyendra jainDate:2015-08-11
Diabetes is a disease in which the body either does not produce or is unable to use the hormone insulin properly. The pancreas produces insulin, which helps the body use sugar (glucose) from foods. If the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, or if the body cannot use the insulin properly, blood sugar levels rise and the body cannot use foods effectively. High blood sugar levels are harmful to many body tissues.
Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal problem of people with diabetes. Diarrhea that occurs at night is also common. The nerves of the intestines control how long solid food waste remains in the intestines. If these nerves have been damaged by high blood sugar levels, food and waste products may move through the intestines too slowly, causing constipation or too quickly, causing diarrhea. Damage to the intestinal nerves usually does not occur unless you have had type 1 diabetes that requires treatment with insulin for many years.
If you have diabetes, discuss any problems that you are having with either constipation or diarrhea with your doctor. Both conditions can be easily treated with medicine.

अयोध्या में अस्थाई राम मंदिर की मरम्मत को सुप्रीम कोर्ट की मंजूरी

By:Vishal tejaDate:2015-08-11
नई दिल्‍ली| सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने अयोध्या में बने अस्थाई रामलला के मंदिर में हल्की मरम्मत के लिए मंजूरी दे दी है। सुप्रीम कोर्ट के आदेश के बाद मरम्मत का कार्य वहां हो सकेगा जहां रामलला की मूर्तियां हैं। इस कार्य को फैजाबाद के कलेक्टर और दो स्वतंत्र पर्यवेक्षकों की निगरानी में कराए जाने की मंजूरी दी गई है। इसके साथ ही अदालत ने आदेश दिया अयोध्या के अस्थाई मंदिर की देखभाल स्थानीय प्रशासन करेगा। गौरतलब है कि रामलला टेंट के अंदर ही विराजमान है, लेकिन यह टेंट कई जगहों से फट चुका है। पिछले छह माह से रामलला इसी प्रकार विराजमान हैं। इससे पहले तिरपाल जुलाई, 2014 में ही बदला गया था।
सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने यह आदेश भाजपा नेता सुब्रमण्यम स्वामी की अर्जी पर दिया है। स्वामी ने अपनी अर्जी में कहा था कि तीर्थयात्री पीने का पानी व शौचालय जैसी बुनियादी सुविधा से वंचित हैं। केंद्र व उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार की अपर्याप्त व्यवस्था से तीर्थयात्रियों को कठिनाई होती है। इस पर कोर्ट ने दोनों सरकार को इस मसले पर ध्यान देनें को कहा है।

Nimbus or Sun halo

By:Vishakha RaiDate:2015-08-08
A solar halo - also known as a nimbus, icebow or gloriole - is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating colored or white arcs and spots in the sky. Many are near the sun or moon but others are elsewhere and even in the opposite part of the sky. They can also form around artificial lights in very cold weather when ice crystals called diamond dust are floating in the nearby air.

There are many types of ice halos. They are produced by the ice crystals in cirrostratus clouds high (5-10 km, or 3-6 miles) in the upper troposphere. The particular shape and orientation of the crystals is responsible for the type of halo observed. Light is reflected and refracted by the ice crystals and may split up into colors because of dispersion. The crystals behave like prisms and mirrors, refracting and reflecting sunlight between their faces, sending shafts of light in particular directions.

Atmospheric phenomena such as halos were used as part of weather lore as an empirical means of weather forecasting before meteorology was developed. They often do mean that rain is going to fall within the next 24 hours as the cirrostratus clouds that cause them can signify an approaching frontal system. Other common optical phenomena involving water droplets rather than ice crystals include the glory and the rainbow.

Venous insufficiency

By:Satyendra jainDate:2015-08-08
Venous insufficiency is a condition in which the flow of blood through the veins is impaired. Venous insufficiency can be caused by a number of disorders of the veins, particularly deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) or varicose veins.
In healthy veins, there is continuous flow of blood from the limbs back toward the heart. There are valves within the veins of the legs that prevent the back flow of blood. Venous insufficiency occurs when forward flow through the veins is obstructed, as in the case of a blood clot, or if there is backward leakage of blood flow through damaged valves. In many cases of venous insufficiency, patients have both obstruction of forward flow and backward leakage of the veins.

The most common causes of venous insufficiency are previous cases of blood clots and varicose veins. In some cases, weakness of the leg muscles that help squeeze blood forward may also contribute to venous insufficiency.

Liver spots

Liver spots are dark spots that generally occur to people with ages greater than 40.These spots occur due to aging and exposure to ultraviolet rays through sun.They are generally black, brown or red in color.
The name is a misnomer and got from the fact that earlier it was thought to be caused by liver.