How does squareroot quiz site makes money

As mentioned in terms and condition, it is quite clear that square root quiz site revenue mostly comes from targeted advertisement. Many people have put their doubt on us that whether online advertisement really be so much worthy, as to make people earn?
The answer to this question is that the user don't earn due to advertisement, they earn through competitiveness of this quiz. When a user earns margin on some question he also has a chance to loose on some other. The focused attention and his awareness earns money for him. Finally we would like to convince that we are still based on estimate and till now we have not failed.
We cannot give details like how much do we make through ads, just as no other business would answer that question we also cannot. But we are pretty much sure through our estimates that we would never fail.
The philosophy behind this quiz was to mine out value from the subconscious awareness of people. We felt that this part of human cognition has some value and which could do a lot of help in fields of advertisement. This Idea motivated to build this website.
We will definitely let our users know about our working detail whenever we feel its urgency. Till then just keep answering earning.