Socialism V/ Communism

We may say that communism is something that socialism becomes at its verge. Many theorist argue that socialism is a transnational phase that arrives when a non communist society coverts to a communist society. Let us understand it by a scene. You live in a society where you admire your personal wealth or your identity more, and if you are getting converted into a person that is more focused on what others are then in between these two phases you will fall in socialism.
This might be somewhat confusing, so we should approach this problem another way. A communist world means a world where the means of production have common ownership, and a socialist world means where means of production have a social ownership. Now here only one thing remains a questions, what is difference between a social and a common ownership? So consider it like this, a social ownership means that the means of production can be used by any member of a group in which people are interrelated with each other in one sense or the other. Similarly when you talk about common ownership this interrelation between people of that group is not really necessary.
More liberally you may say that socialism is a more broadsided implementation of concept of families. Only the difference is that in terms of families often the relation ships are strictly defined but in terms of socialism the relationships a re liberally defined.
Now communism is somewhat different, you may call it like public assets. For example anything that is owned by people does not specifically belongs to a person, even not to a group or a family, a person who is stranger to you may also use it. Reason behind this is that service or object is owned commonly.