The curse of dowry in Indian society

You might see the heading as negative and an advocate supporting dowry might argue that it’s ok that dowry has a negative image but when someone is starting a discussion about it then he must start with a neutral mindset. Since no truth is absolute why start a topic with a negative frame of mind.
But believe me I have reason for that, it’s not just the negative perception about the dowry that made me do so. We all know that it is evil (and I would also tell in this article why it is). So we all know that it is evil but it still stands tall. With fearlessly laughing on us, and our society. It makes us stupid, keeps us slave and still we cannot get rid of it. That’s the reason it is not bad to declare it a curse.
It malign the characters of our idols by providing arguments that they also took dowry, it kills or at least tries to kill the honesty within us, makes us greedy, but we still cannot get rid of it. What other bigger curse than dowry can our society afford? None.
We know money of any form is value, and if you take it you go into debt. Yes, it’s a truth. You need to repay it if you want to have a peace full life. But dowry, is not taken with an intent to return. Can you imagine a family of those who are under debt? Stress, worries, and failures everything is in that family.
And we create such families, when you take cash it means that the person giving you this cash has took some value from you. Can you tell what value the groom’s family gave to the bride’s family? One can easily say that they give respect. So does that mean those who give birth to daughters lose their respect. This clearly means our system is double faced. And this is clear that the purpose of dowry is to show women inferior and nothing else.
And if someone buys this respect with money isn’t that a way of disrespecting. After all respect is not something which should be sold.
Above all family relations are built on emotions and not money. One will never find a satisfactorily reason to prove that dowry is right. Our law makers have done enough discussion on it and then made it illegal. But still many people are enslaved to this mentality. They don’t understand that a business of family relations is actually a business of self respect. No soul wants to sell self respect. It’s just the greed which is interested in selling it. This greed is so strong that it almost always wins. We lose our self respect to it and suffer throughout our life. Get rid of it, be wise, to live a peaceful life.