Understand your bank statement

By:Neera RaiDate:2018-04-02
When you deposit money in your bank account it is entered in to credit section, and when you withdraw it goes into debit section, have you ever wondered why? After all its your money you did not took credit then why depositing money gets entered into credit section?
This is all the trick of money which I have been explaining in this blog from start. Money don’t works the way general people think. As I already said in many blogs, that the cash which you think as money is just a bill. Or more specifically the document of lending. Money is the value. Taking and giving cash means taking and giving promises that the value which is exchanged will be paid back. The same thing happen in bank account as well. Bank does the task of securing our money, investing it wisely and keeping its record. This is the value which bank gives us. And when we are depositing money into bank we are actually promising the bank that we will also try to learn this process of business. We will secure, keep accounts and invest. But since right now we are busy doing something else we are taking this service from the bank. That is why when you deposit it goes into credit column, means you took the service and when you withdraw it goes into debit column this means you fulfilled the promise and this is why bank is paying you. Banks are most honest to do this activity immediately. They don’t ask much questions they just check your identity and signature.
Very few people understand money in this way, it’s just a measurement of value. Nothing else. Whether it is in bank account or in form of cash, or in form of some other article in the market with some price tag. It’s all just the number. But to do productive work one should have this definition of money or he will just keep spending and becoming more and more poorer. This will cause him hallucination, ego death and at worse people end up being criminal. Money has more to do with the mathematics and less to do with the greed or richness. Those who can understand this definition are blessed those who are not face trouble, specially related to behavior.
Always remember, spending means promising and if you will not fulfill the promise you will become poorer each day. Similarly earning means fulfilling promise it makes you rich and respectable as well. Though on the verge of ethics I personally believe that all the value you created should not go into account book, and that s what we call as free service. But still if you treat it with mathematical laws it’s not bad because mathematics is not evil. But I think it’s possible that universe is not governed by mathematical laws, though scientists and mathematicians are yet to find it out. We will wait till then.