How to earn money on internet.

Earning money on Internet is never easy, as per experience is concerned. I have spent a plenty of time to discover various methods to make money online but i am quite sure that this method to generate income may look very lucrative but it is not easy at all.
The biggest reason behind this is enormous amount of competition, you get thousands of new websites each day, making websites is a lot more easier than building a real shop.Many times web site builder companies offer you free service that may build an average website in few minutes.If you look at the internet you will find that around 70% of the web have site developed by website builder tools or cms such as wordpress, joomla, blogspot or traditional discussion forums like phpbb or mybb. People go for it because its easy to get them, companies have made the use of these software free just to become popular. But in my opinion if there is anything free it cannot earn money.
Most of these sites contains nearly similar contents, They just say the same thing in different words, often authors of such website say it doesn't matter if you say the same thing differently, but i think it does. You loose the value when you do so. This is the reason that so much of rat race has emerged out in internet business.
For making any real money you must be original, original with your idea, original with your topic(not just the words). New things earn and olds are scrap, just think what is the reason that market always keeps the things fresh.
You must have a very firm and stable business model that should be able to give value to people, most of the internet bloggers and web authors focus on giving value to search engines. Take my words even search engine hate this. Even google says that you should make your website for your audience and not for google. google's business is other than your's and they will do there job very well, if you are good you will get attention.Else you won't if you just try to please google.
Another hurdle is that ctr is very low on Internet, its something around 0.1 %, anything beyond this is unfair and advertisers wont believe you, so if you want to earn through advertisement revenue just remember that it would never be an easy task. just to do an estimate, around 10000 page views on your website, may, earn a click, that will give you some 5-10 Rs. Now just imagine how tough is that, and an advertiser even may not be benefited from it, because that click may have came at random and is of no value to the person who clicked it.
So my suggestion to earn online is by creating a business environment that can really be beneficial for people. Try to create a brand of your website, your website must deliver something useful. Even if you want to write just writing as a consultant probably wont help. Try to make you website as such that people should visit your site directly, just by typing the url in the address box. Search engine will give you traffic automatically if you have value. Just to quote, "don't run behind engines, they may harm you".

Generate more traffic to your website

If you are reading this blog, you probably might be interested in online business. I said so because this topic is so niche that only people who have concerns regarding it will arrive at this blog. It is not a general topic which any person not related to web business would be interested a lot.
Above statement clearly means that website traffic is a professional affair. This means it must be competitive as any other business use to be, so one thing is clear it is not a one day or a week task.
Usually people who do web related business talk about the term search engine optimization. This term clearly means optimizing your website so that search engines value it more. This optimization is necessary, because more than 80 percent of quality traffic on internet comes from search engine. So when such is the scenario obviously search engine would have a very firm, tested and organic policies to rank websites, and obviously they will never compromise with the quality. So one thing is sure if you are about to start an online business you can not compromise from quality and you can never run away from competition( which is enormous in online world).
So if you are ready to put your hand in this honey comb then here are some suggestions from me.
Have a clear and firm picture of what you are doing:
This is the most important step, never worry about hurdles never think about competition, just keep one thing in mind you are here to do something which you know very well, you are not here because you are unemployed, or because you cannot get job in future. You should also not be here if you think web is an easy medium to make money. Just forget this idea if you think so.

Be ready to market
Like any other business online business also need a very high quality and focused marketing, first focus on creating a quality product and then focus or doing a very quality marketing. In online world you call it digital marketing, and this digital marketing is just as similar as real world marketing. No compromises. Never go for tricks, you may rather go for analogy, what i mean here is compare the real world organic and true methods of marketing and apply those philosophies online as well.

Build links:As far as technical part is considered this is the most crucial one. Never run away from creating links. On internet link theory may never be out of fashion. Not because it is some rocket science. But because it is the only and most efficient way to distribute traffic and manage competitiveness, it might be possible that there is some other theory better than this, but this one has now expanded all over the web and has grown very big, so this bubble may not collapse so easily. And after all when it is a success why it should?
Be informative:This is the most crucial ethical part. On web information is the king. I have heard many bloggers raising slogans the content is the king. But i think its not the content but rather its the information that is king. Try to be original, any content that is well written, is free from grammatical error and is original has information content. Copying or altering few words with synonyms will probably not work at all. Be informative even when you are building link. If you will build links by spamming then those links would be removed by webmasters someday and it will only be a waste of time nothing else.
Final words: So lastly i will just repeat what i said in the first para, and i am doing this just to make you never forget this. Online business is real, it gives you real earning, it makes you survive life. So to grip you feet in this world you should treat it as real and work just the way you work in any real business.

How does squareroot quiz site makes money

As mentioned in terms and condition, it is quite clear that square root quiz site revenue mostly comes from targeted advertisement. Many people have put their doubt on us that whether online advertisement really be so much worthy, as to make people earn?
The answer to this question is that the user don't earn due to advertisement, they earn through competitiveness of this quiz. When a user earns margin on some question he also has a chance to loose on some other. The focused attention and his awareness earns money for him. Finally we would like to convince that we are still based on estimate and till now we have not failed.
We cannot give details like how much do we make through ads, just as no other business would answer that question we also cannot. But we are pretty much sure through our estimates that we would never fail.
The philosophy behind this quiz was to mine out value from the subconscious awareness of people. We felt that this part of human cognition has some value and which could do a lot of help in fields of advertisement. This Idea motivated to build this website.
We will definitely let our users know about our working detail whenever we feel its urgency. Till then just keep answering earning.

Now you may also add questions on Squareroot.

From 1 January 2016, all squareroot users now have good news. They may now also add questions on squareroot portal. To know how to do it just log in to your squareroot account and visit "Add Question" section.
In this blog we will like to share some FAQ'about this new feature.
First of all please note that the questions that you will add won't appear in front of you(as expected obviously). It is just like a voluntary task and may help you to better understand the type of question that are asked on squareroot. By adding these questions you will help squareroot and its users. Please note that all the questions that are added are moderated by the admin before they go live. This is done for two reason, first of all to ensure that the question that is asked is relevant and the options that it carries have one and only one correct option.
Secondly we make sure that the question must be challenging. For example we generally don't allow questions that can be easily searched on the internet, or involve some popular terms. Putting such questions on squareroot will be total waste.
Let us understand this by an example. Consider these two Questions.
1.Who is the prime minister on India.
2.Who is the winner of Wimbledon grand slam 2012.
Above two question will generally be rejected, the reason is that both of them can be searched very easily on Internet. Now consider this example.
Which of these people are Russian
A. Franz Kafka
B. Alfred Nobel
C. Fyodor Dostoevsky
D. Gunter Grass
Such questions may be allowed on squareroot. Because it doesn't gives the full information about the question. The complete knowledge of the question is possible only after a user buys it.
We encourage you to add more and more questions and be ensured that their is no penalty if your question is rejected. But try you best to put a question that may be allowed. From time to time we will announce prizes and rewards to top users with most number of Active questions.