Are backlinks really valuable.

You might have heard about backlink on Internet. Backlink is a very popular topic among internet discussion forum and blogger, most of the discussions online are dedicated to discussion of backlinks, seo, reverse links, do follow, no follow etc. Here my discussion point would also be the same, but in a little different direction.
I am not here to tell you methods of building links, neither i would suggest you how to get traffic. I am here trying to discuss that whether backlinks are really relevant to bring traffic. Just think it this way, google initially said that backlinks are a good way to count the popularity of a webpage. But the most important factor here is that they are a good method but only if they follow a principle of relevance. Popularity of a page is irrelevant if their contents are not related. You may say that linked contents must be relevant to each other, or else why would somebody link to it. But take my word, just to get an edge over other businesses many websites have collected backlinks that are really irrelevant to each other, that's a truth.
Main philosophy of google search engine is that if a person has wrote about something and feels that someone else has written something about the same thing that has more value or information that this guy's content then this guy must link to that article. Now just imagine, is that possible? Would you give away your audience to others for free? that is just an impractical thought, no body would do it. And if you give your business to others for money then again google will punish you. So this becomes a vicious circle.
Now again let us discuss about relevance, how can you measure how relevant a topic is to any other article or topic. For example, if somebody had written an article about Monuments in India and linked a document that discusses politics of India, then the robot may think that these two contents are interrelated, but are they really interrelated to each other? The straight answer is no, Whatever logic you give to prove that they are interrelated is just to fool yourself.
So let us understand it very clearly backlinks were having great value in past due to google's popularity but they are not a natural way to mine out some valuable information. They were also artificial just as any other technology. With the advent of web 2.0 since now people may also post links and contents like on Facebook, the link theory is weakening day by day. The simple reason is because it is not just it is not best, This principle don't follows everywhere so it also has a limitation and will fall someday, may be it is already falling.
Some new methods to mine out information from internet may erupt out in future.

Welcome to new Google logo

So Google is doing some very serious changes. This is not any new version of android, neither some latest panda and penguin update, but still very significant.
After announcement of future Google ceo Sundar pichai, Google has now changed its logo. The new logo is actually changed font and color shades and everything else is almost same. At first impression you get a feel that may be the colors are jumbled but when you look and compare carefully with the old one its just the fonts and the shades of the colors that are different. The change is very finer to notice but gives an impression of full overhaul of the logo. Let us see what value does this change in look brings to the company.

Information and chaos- Their role on Internet.

Every blogger or a website owner often search for means to develop such a web space so that it can become a value. Many of them have also done it. Creating a value from your knowledge is not a fictitious dream. It is real but many times it is very confusing and misguiding. So before you find your self in a trap develop a strategy based of truth.
If you want to develop a value first of all you must have vision about the environment, and whether you accept it or not it is a truth that you will have to follow the rules of that environment. Without this you will just keep facing unproductive challenges and nothing else.
On Internet Information is the value, the core part, and you will have to develop things around the definition of information for sure. If most of you think that there can be no precise definition for anything then believe me you are in chaos. Its not that the firm definitions do not exist, its only that you are not able to view it.
Information is an antonym of chaos, anything that lacks chaos or noise has some information, these two terms are the two extreme ends of the rule. Chaos means something that looses its form very soon, and information means something that remains as it is for a long time. This also means that something that remains in its form for a long time is information. Or any content that is telling the fact the way it is, is information. So i think now you can clearly distinguish that why many times news reporting is just a chaos and not an information. Similarly you can also perceive that why Wikipedia articles are a source of information. Because it tries its best to keep the facts in the form they are, least the bias less the chaos. So if you are doing an Internet business you must have this clear definition in mind. Again with an example we can say that Facebook is also full of chaos, because content on Facebook are biased many times. This is the reason why google prefers Wikipedia more and Facebook less, and this is the reason why Facebook is branded as a competitor to Google.
Understanding this definition is very necessary for developing some value on internet. Due to the depth and stability of information products it attracts long term investments from businesses.